Label Buyers Guide

Tagging Plants and Trees

Self-Tie – Loop Lock Tags are ideal for labelling plants, shrubs and trees, with a variety of sizes available. As its name implies, the self-tie loop lock can be looped round the stem or branch of a plant and then the notched end locks into the "key-hole" shape at one end of the tag.

Product descriptions, prices and barcodes

White Vinyl Waterproof Labels are ideal for external or internal labelling where a good degree of weather resistance is required. These types of labels have a self-adhesive backing, making them ideal for printing product prices, barcodes and descriptions. Used in conjunction with high quality ribbons that are ideally suited to these labels, they will be waterproof and fade resistant, making the print last a long time in even the most extreme weather conditions. The variety of sizes on offer means that you can be sure to find the right size to fit your requirements.

Labels, small signs and stickers

Continuous Vinyl rolls are ideal for labels, small signs and stickers. Being on a continuous roll means that this self-adhesive vinyl can be easily made into stickers and labels of virtually any length. Along with the standard sizes listed they are available on request in a range of colours and sizes to suit your needs.

Marking & Pricing

Stick-In – Push-In Tags are a quick and easy way of marking pots, trays and plants. They are an effective yet low cost method of pricing and identifying potted plants. As the name suggests, you simply stick the pointed end of the tag into the pot, or alternatively staple into place if you require a more secure fixing.

Sato make a range of labels that are specially designed for pricing and labelling products, including ones pre-printed with ‘Was / Now’, ‘Best Before’ and ‘Use By’ labels to be used with their pricing and labelling guns.

Product Labelling

White Paper - Thermal Transfer Paper Labels are perfect for longer life general labelling, including product labels. The strong self-adhesive means that they will stick to most dry and clean surfaces.

Shipping and Courier labels

Direct Thermal Labels are ideal for short life labelling, for example boxes ready for shipping and dispatch. They will stick to most clean, dry surfaces. No print ribbon is required when using these labels.

Show Garden Labelling

Clear informative labelling is often a must when it comes to making show labels. For this application the wide Brother TZe tape which is available in 36mm is ideal. This high quality TZe tape is resistant against water, fading, heat, ice and most chemicals. This makes them ideal for applying directly to pots, trays, tags or rigid plastic stick-ins.