Horticultural Printers Buyers Guide

Working with Specialist Growers and Retail Nurseries

The LabelStation range of printers are a simple and reliable system for printing tags, labels and stick in’s which are used by everyone from small specialist growers to retail nurseries.

LabelStation printers are very easy to use, with their simple design and easy to use software. The range of printed tags and labels made especially for the Labelstation printers provide exactly what is needed for horticultural labelling.

Every LabelStation printer includes label design and print software which enables the user to create one off or batches of labels on demand. The LabelStation printers are an ‘out of the box’ solution to your printing needs, with easy to load labels, plus they rarely jam and require little or no maintenance.

Home and Hobby Gardeners

The Brother P-Touch brand is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to print waterproof, long life labels for gardeners and hobbyist.

The most popular Brother P-Touch printer for home and hobby gardeners is the GL-200 Garden Label Printer. This is an easy-to-use, hand-held label maker for use in the garden and shed. It is ideal for labelling garden chemicals, herbs, plant sticks, pots, spices and tools.

A wide variety of professional quality labels that are made to last can be produced with the GL200 using the range of TZe tapes. These high quality TZe are rain, fade, heat and frost resistant.

The key to the Brother P-touch label printer range’s success has been the self-adhesive TZe label tape. P-Touch printers print directly onto the label tapes and then have a durable laminated layer placed over the top. This clear layer makes the labels waterproof and so can survive for many years outside. Tze label tapes are ideal for applying directly to pots, trays etc or rigid plastic stick ins.

Show Gardens

The Brother P-Touch printer is a versatile label printer, with a price that is in reach of the home user or commercial organisation.

One of the latest generations of Brother P-Touch label printers is the PT-P700. This P-Touch model takes all tapes sizes up to 24mm wide tape and its therefore ideal for gardeners who need larger labels to print more detailed information.

In cases where a larger label is required, there is also the PT-9700 model available, which will accept the 36mm wide label tape. This 36mm tape is ideal for show garden labels where clear, detailed and informative labelling is a must.

The Brother PT-P700 is a compact desktop label printer which is ideal for the home gardener or professional horticulturalist that needs a versatile yet low cost labelling solution. The simple "plug and print" PT-P700 is supplied with a very easy to use label design and print software package, allowing you to design and print labels in seconds.

As with all Brother P-Touch printers, the PT-P700 uses the highly durable TZe type tapes which are 100% waterproof and will withstand the changing seasons, come rain or shine! The PT-P700 has the ability to print onto the 24mm wide TZe label tapes, putting it firmly in the professional labelling category. It makes a valuable addition to any horticulturalists equipment list!

The Brother PT-9700 takes durable horticultural labelling to another level of versatility. As a computer driven printer it provides endless scope for creating high quality labels with detailed information. The free software in the box provides enormous functionality, including the ability to merge information from a database into your label layout. This is a huge bonus and time saver for users with large plant collections.

The Brother PT-2730 is another fantastic printer for horticultural labelling. As a computer driven printer the scope for creating high quality, information rich labels is endless. The compact Brother PT-2730 printer comes with design and print software that is Windows and Mac compatible. This software comes free with the printer and provides many different functions.

All of the Brother TZe tape sizes fit in the PT-2730 and PT-9700, from the very narrow 6mm wide tape up to a wide 36mm. The large 36mm tape size is ideal for printing large fonts or multiple lines of text. The label tapes will adhere to most tags and for very harsh environments a ‘strong’ version of the TZe tape is available.