LabelStation Pro200 Horticultural Labelling Starter Bundle

LabelStation Pro200 Horticultural Labelling Starter Bundle

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A great value starter bundle ! The LabelStation Pro200 Horticultural Labelling Bundle contains of everything you need to get up and running printing labels and tags.

The LabelStation Pro200 bundle includes an easy to use design and print software package that gives you the ability to design labels which can include text, pricing, barcodes.   Create you own plant labels and plant passport labels on demand.

Whats in the box:

  • 1 x LabelStation Pro200 Printer (USB: Parallel & Serial)
  • 1 x Mains power supply
  • 1 x Label design & print software
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Set ribbon spindles / label roll spindles
  • 1 x Starter roll of paper labels
  • 1 x External label roll holder
  • 1 x Black print ribbon

    And a choice of one of the following........

  • 1 x Roll of 1000 self tie loop locks 191mm x 25mm (white)
  • 1 x Roll of 1000 lightwieght stick ins 140mm x 25mm (white)
  • 1 x Roll of 1000 70mm x 30mm waterproof self ahesive pot labels



  • Compact size - (approx the size of a shoe box!)
  • 200dpi print resolution
  • Simple to use label design software (WINDOWS only)
  • Barcoding and sequential numbering as standard
  • Easy to load with labels and print ribbon
  • 127mm per second max print speed
  • Easy to install: plug and play USB
  • Accepts a wide range of media including labels: tags: heatshrink tubing
  • Low cost supplies
  • 2MB Flash Memory & 8MB DRAM Memory
  • Dimensions: (w) 225mm x (h) 186mm x (d) 350mm

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