For over 25 years Brother have been manufacturing a range of a low cost, easy to use label printers which have been used worldwide.  The Brother P-Touch brand is now fast becoming one of the most popular ways to print waterproof, long life labels for gardeners and hobbyist.  

The key to the P-touch label printer’s success has been the self-adhesive TZe label tape. P-Touch printers print directly onto the label tapes and then have a durable laminated layout placed over the top.    This clear layer makes the labels waterproof and so can survive for many years outside.

The most popular Brother P-Touch printers for home and hobby gardeners is the “GL” series as they offer great value and will print simple labels with up to two lines of text.  Although there is a range of label tape sizes and colours, the vast majority of users will work with the 12mm Black print on a white background.  This is also the most UV stable colour.  (It’s worth noting that some colours such as the blue or red tapes will bleach out in time given extended exposure to sunlight).

Once you have printed the label with the P-Touch printer, you just peel off the backing paper and either apply it directly to the pot, tray etc or the labels are frequently applied to a rigid plastic stick in.

Over the last few years the average cost of a P-Touch printer has dropped dramatically and therefore put some of the more versatile label printers in reach of the home user or commercial organisation.   One of the latest generation of Brother P-Touch label printers is the PT-P700.   This is a computer linked system which allows the user to design and print labels on screen, using the free software included.   This P-Touch model takes all tapes sizes upto 24mm (1”) wide tape and its therefore ideal for gardeners who what larger labels with more detailed information.    In cases where a larger label is required, the PT-9700 will accept the 36mm (1 ½”) wide tape.  Tapes of this width will make excellent labels for show gardens where clear informative labelling is a must.

If you would like more information about the range of Brother P-Touch printers and how they can help you with your labelling, please call us on 01202 683212

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